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A few nostalgic moments elapsed conversing on our favorite beauty spots. Then we settled with a dessert and resumed the subject of the morning. Perch asked Wajsmann about the second law. The second law of thermodynamics affirms that there is a universal tendency toward deterioration; a transition from a more orderly state, to a less orderly state, to deenergization.

Consequently, where chromosome and gene mutations occur, they are almost always detrimental, rather than beneficial.

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It predicts our research. Beginning at the top—culturally, intellectually and physically, the race has degenerated. But, is this not in conflict with the overall theory of evolution? Broadly speaking, evolution implies increasing organization and complexity in the universe and is in effect a doctrine of continuous creation. The first law of thermodynamics affirms, however, that creation is no longer occurring, 52 while the second law states that the original creation is decreasing in organization and complexity.

Evolution is an absolute denial of the second law of thermodynamics. Denise shuffled. As for the second law of thermodynamics, it has been confirmed by numerous and varied scientific tests, while evolution is—and always has been—a theoretical model not even capable of scientific test. Yet it is often mistaken for science. No matter how enthusiastically it tries to sell its speculations, something in nature keeps standing up and saying No!

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The two great universal principles of thermodynamics—energy conservation and deterioration—bear witness to the scientific necessity of an original creation. Pick the flaws in it!

Dead Men's Secrets, by Jonathan Gray

All considered, it suggested the following conclusion: Biblical statements as to the destiny of man throughout history appear to have more relevance than they have been given credit for. At least since the time of Sir Isaac Newton, we have known that the universe is running down. British research scientist Dr.

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Alan Hayward, in his book God Is, put it this way So the universe is rather like a ship in mid-ocean, with its fuel tanks half full and its stores half consumed. In the case of the ship we know that somebody must have fuelled and provisioned it at the start of the voyage. There are still a great many scientists who answer that question the same way as Newton did: the Creator. It was AM. Four miles from town, a young hairdresser was serving scrambled eggs to her three-year-old.

Mindful of an appointment, she glanced at the time— AM. That moment was to leave her shocked for life. Suddenly, a brilliant white flash lit up the room; seconds later a searing blast knocked her flat. As it subsided, she struggled, stunned, to the window. Transfixed, she watched as blood-colored clouds swept down onto the earth.

Fierce winds began to blow. Nearer the city, eyewitnesses wandered dazed. I shall render details of it in Chapter In pages now brown with time, the cold terror of the survivors still lives on. Small groups of survivors set out to begin life once more in the jungles and mountains that were untouched by radiation and ruin. Without industry, they were compelled to concentrate on producing their own essentials. The emphasis reverted to agricultural self-sufficiency. Although their members had skills, there were too few of them to create a new civilization within the void they were forced to face.

Every culture requires a certain density of population. This was no longer available, so they were forced into a more basic existence. It happened all over the world at once. And will historians please explain it? These new agricultural centers appeared in northeastern China, southeastern Asia, northeastern Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. What is more, they all sprang up in close proximity to areas which had been destroyed by some fiery holocaust that is, the Gobi and Indian civilization centers, the Death Valley ruins, the melted facade of Sacsahuaman and the vitrified ruins in the Brazilian jungle.

In a downstairs lounge the next morning, we were approached by Reginald Stokes, a Canadian doctor who had overheard our conversation. He tossed up some lively questions to us. Just where do you slot cavemen and primitive societies? The Post-Babel civilization and earliest known agricultural centers.

The close proximity of the agricultural centers to civilization centers supports the hypothesis that the two areas were somehow connected. Map: Rene Noorbergen. Wajsmann continued.

Dead Men's Secrets

Rather, they are the wreckage of more highly developed societies, forced by various circumstances such as natural disasters to lead a much simpler, less developed way of life. There seems more to this caveman stunt than meets the eye. How much longer will you be? Breakfast will spoil.

Her city life was now just a distant dream. This morning, you could hardly say the same for her husband. He had just cut his chin on an improvised razor. Nothing like a daub of clay to stop the bleeding. Now, did you notice something about this caveman? He felt a compulsive need to shave! The telltale sign of his habit was left behind in the Lazzaretto Grottoes, near Nice, in France. A small deer-bone handle has since been found within the cave complex.

The handle is skillfully split with scapula bones inserted—a prehistoric razor. Here is evidence of men conscious of their civilized background, compelled to use all their technical skill in a savage and hostile environment; men able to make contact with other civilized people once, but afterwards isolated and forced to make use of crude implements for survival.

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The story is the same on the other side of the world. In the Subis Mountains of West Borneo, a network of caves hollowed out on a cathedrallike scale contained fabrics of extreme fineness and delicacy. Here is further proof of a civilized background. We seated Stokes with a tomato juice. Wajsmann smiled. It shows that their background was as developed as ours. The rock paintings of animals in the caves of Altamira, Lascaux, Ribadasella and others, I tell you, are masterpieces of art in any period. The realism and beauty of these cave paintings show artistic talent immensely superior to that of the animal paintings of Egypt, Babylon or Greece.

Paintings in the cave of Altamira near Santander, Spain are, from the aesthetic viewpoint, just as good as modern paintings! Cave paintings in Algeria, Libya and Lascaux bear witness to a developed culture which used perspective and freeness of form—an amazingly sophisticated art. You realize that perspective was not used until the fifteenth century! And do you know that cave drawings followed a planned pattern of figurative arrangement that is remarkably constant throughout western Europe? In each case the decorated cave was divided up according to some unknown metaphysical system.

Not only that, but cave paintings as to motifs and themes have a common style worldwide. The artists achieved a remarkable three-dimensional effect by using the natural contours of rock. This is what they did: small holes became the glaring eyes of a bison; cracks became the wounds of a stricken deer; odd-shaped bulges were incorporated into the painting as a head or back hump. Even today, light and shadow contrasts using the natural rock shapes make the animals 61 appear to be alive and breathing. Here is a technique and effect unique in the history of art.

Stokes stared at the six points. One thing is sure. Their painting culture was more advanced than that of the average European country dweller today. The Lascaux artists did not live in their caves but fashioned them into an art gallery.